Thursday, January 14, 2016

Shopkins Shoppies Donatina's Donut Delights Playset EXCLUSIVE Mini Donuts and Doll

Moose Toys has just released the new 2016 Shopkins Shoppies Donatina's Donut Delights. Comes with 4 mini donuts, 1 donut cart, 2 exclusive shopkins, fashion bag, 1 shoppe, and doll stand. Donatina has just arrived in Shopville for a whole lot of fun. Happy Dough Donatina. Help her set up her donuts in her Donut Car Shop so she can display the mini donuts. With her head in the clouds, she's a Happy Dough Girl who samples more doughnuts than she sells. As sweet as strawberry pink frosting, she's always around to help her Shoppies friends. Her hobby is Dough Cars Racing. For rewards and surprises don't forget to get your free Shopkins app online at Also watch more Season3 playsets: Shopkins Shopping Cart Season3 Push 'n Play NEW 2015. 3 Shopkins Eggs Toys Surprise - Huevos Sorpresa. Shopkins Season3 Season2 Season1 Surprise Baskets. Shopkins Season3 Surprise Using Minnie Mouse Cash Register. Shopkins Season3 Surprise Basket 12-pack. Learn Shopkins Season3 Characters Names Disney Princess. 60 SHOPKINS Season3 Toys Surprise Full Case. Shopkins Surprise Eggs Season 2 using plastilina playdough. Shopkins Season3 Lunch Box Surprise Toys and Eggs. Shopkins Carrito de compra con accesorios Shopping Cart. El Supermercado de Shopkins con Caja Registradora. La Máquina Expendedora Supermercado (Vending Machine). Panadería Pastelería de Dulces Shopkins Spin Mix Bakery Stand. Nuevo "Shopkins So Cool Fridge" Frozen Refrigerator. Shopkins Storage Case Season2 Bolsitas Canastitas Sorpresa. 24 Shopkins FOOD FAIR Collection 3 packs Play Doh Cupcake, Ice Cream, Fast Food Season 3 Surprises. Shopkins Surprise Eggs Barbie Disney Frozen Princess FASHEMS Inside-Out - Clay Buddies Peppa Pig. Shopkins Season3 Shoe Dazzle Playset Fashion Spree Spin 'N Display Shoebox Exclusive.

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